10 best places for a romantic trip

Most couples, including those who have just started their romantic relationships, and honeymooners, dream of going on a romantic trip. And in fact, what could be nicer than spending time with a loved one somewhere on the edge of the world, taking a break from work and daily chores, enjoying the splendor of nature and the beauty of these creatures tao? In this collection we have collected ten different places, which without a doubt can be considered a paradise for any romance.


1. Granada, Spain

Tired of the bustle of the city? Tired of domestic issues like where to find cheap cabinets cabinets in Moscow? Closet you are not going anywhere, and the rest is also required. A perfect place for couples – Granada. Pomegranate – the city where you will be able to fully experience the true spirit of Spain, vibrant, energetic and independent. When it comes to your partner, don’t forget to sign up for flamenco lessons, dance in Spain is considered a symbol of romance. And in Granada There are many architectural attractions, such as the Moorish Alhambra fortress and summer palace of sultans in its fountains and gardens of Generalife.


2. Vico Equense, Italy

A small coastal town located in the province of Naples, which has recently become a popular resort. Historic sites and museums are accompanied by beaches and modern SPA-centers. Nearby Vico Equense is a large coral reef pier della Madonnina, a great spot for diving.


3. Bora Bora Island.

This island is considered the pearl of the Pacific, the main attraction – the lagoon with crystal clear waters and rich marine life. Instead of the usual Bora Bora hotels, you can stay in a romantic bungalow with a roof overhang.


4. Kerala, India.

The cleanest and developed state of India, a great spa area with a rich historical heritage. All the lovers of India, are definitely worth a visit here.

5. Patmos Island, Greece.

A small and very picturesque island in the southeast Aegean Sea. It is considered one of the best places for a relaxing holiday thanks to the unspoiled sandy beaches and pristine wildlife beauty.


6. Botswana

A perfect place for lovers of African Savannah and wildlife. Here you can admire the elephants and lions, to see the famous “hill of lovers”, and at night to a romantic dinner by the fire in the sounds of the wild.


7. Honolulu, Hawaii.

The capital and largest city of Hawaii, a place where wild Hawaiian nature coexists with modern civilization. The most popular spot in Honolulu – the resort area of ​​Waikiki Beach, stretching for several kilometers along the coast.


8. Antigua Island.

Island in the Caribbean Sea, is considered one of the best places for a beach holiday. Among the sheer numbers of beaches there and is crowded, with plenty of entertainment and a quiet spot for a relaxing pastime.


9. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What could be more romantic than a trip to the capital of tango? In addition, Buenos Aires – a very beautiful and modern city, full of interesting sights.


10. The West Coast Ireland

All of Ireland’s west coast is made up of incredibly beautiful bays, inlets, small islands and beautiful beaches. This is the perfect place for a romantic honeymoon.

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