3 ways to travel to Russia

We turned the calendar over and realized that fall would be desirable to travel as much as in the summer. After the end of the peak holiday season in these resort areas it doesn’t make sense, change the weather and access to work – all of which mark the end of summer. Places to visit abroad, the heavy, but popular landscape may not be available for Russian travelers. We have decided to pick up a few different places you can visit within our country, besides it is incredibly attractive in the fall.

1. Mountain, mountain, mountain


A trip to the mountains does not mean camping, tents and campfires. In the fall it can be a good idea for those who haven’t had the time to enjoy the nature in the summer and want to get out of the fresh office air. The beautiful mountain landscape can be practiced not only hiking, but also enriched culture.

Where to go: Few people know that a lot of good places can be found in the Republic of Adygea, but the climate there this time of year is most favorable. + 18 ° C-day + 8 ° C at night, with a small amount of rain in the first half of October and mild warm winds. There will be something to the hikers, as the area is well-developed trekking: the famous “thirty” – the extension path from Kamennomostsky to the Black Sea.

If hiking is not of interest to you, you can stay in touch with local resorts, providing health courses. For those who want attractions, it is best to go to the Caucasian biosphere reserve or Guzeripl settlement where you can find dolmens, waterfalls and caves.

Where to stay: In Kamennomostsky, Khadzhokh Maopop and can be found as tourist base and camping locations as infrastructure continues to evolve. You can pre-book a hotel room or find a convenient option for placement. Transport: Depending on your location, in Adygeya you can get in all modes of transportation: flights from remote cities via Moscow and Krasnodar, by train, and of course, by car.

2. The Lake House


Activities in the lake – a cinematic dream for those who love comfort and nature. In Russia, there are so many beautiful lakes surrounded by stunning scenery and, of course, in these places too, where to stay and what to do. To spend a week in a remote from the urban beauty of the area, check out the local beauty and live in a rented house, full of atmosphere and domestic exotic – a great way to spend the fall.

Where to go: One of the most beautiful places in Russia is considered Brosno Lake, which is just 400 km from Moscow, in the Tver region. The area is rich with breathtaking scenery and colorful stories about the Russian Loch Ness monster, which is rumored to be living under the lake. Despite the fact that bathing in Brosno is quite cold, and other outdoor activities are readily available. Where you can arrange fishing trips, boat trips and, of course, romantic walks. If the prospect of living in a rented house does not appeal to you, then rest assured that there is a place to rest “cruel people” in the area.

Where to stay: At a recreation center that offers 2-bedded rooms costing about 5 000 tons per day, in spas or in the private sector in a nearby village .. Remove can be as small as a house or cottage. For people who want to save on accommodation and spend more time walking, it is best to take a home in the private sector.

Vehicles Because the resort area is not far from Moscow, then getting there is not difficult by car, if you do not mind a road trip, and by plane or train.

3. Wine cycle


Wine Tour is still possible to catch the fall and spend time simply unforgettable. During this tour you can not only learn a lot about the craft and history of wine, but also taste the best scores. Given that some of Russia’s popular wine production areas are no less than the South of France, for example, you can arrange an extraordinary trip at affordable prices.

Where to go: Most importantly, the wine is popular Krasnodar region locations. The proximity of the sea and the opportunity to taste the best wines of Kuban – a great opportunity to organize a wine tour. Among the many places known for cultivation of grapes, the most popular places such as Abrau-Durso, Sauk Dere, Anapa and, of course, Temryuk district where wine is considered the leading sector. Where you can try and find out more about such varieties as Sauvignon, Muscat honey, Madera, Cahors Taman and rose garnet bracelet. Sour, sweet, spicy wine – that’s a must for the fall pores and creates an enchanting atmosphere.

Where to stay: Wine Kuban venues offer guided tours through vineyards and locally made wines, and you can stop at any of the hotel or guest house sides, whether Anapa, Temryuk district or Abrau- Durso. Also wine tours can be easily integrated with camping, since the fall season in Krasnodar Territory less tourists and finding a place for a tent is not difficult.

Vehicles From remote Russian cities are best to fly by plane to Krasnodar, and then go by bus or car to the area of ​​the side. Also from Krasnodar trains and trains.


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