4 ways to travel to Russia in the fall

1. Travel by car


For those who want to visit cultural sites and enjoy the scenery, but do not want a long walk, there is the option of traveling by car location. This type of holiday is like a road trip, as you will have to use the car quite often, but you will need to save from its tedious place, since the stop will involve visits to places of interest to you . Where to go: The best thing is travel can be done in Karelia. In this area, there is a separate culture, rich in all kinds of entertainment. Autumn in Karelia will be pretty cool, but the nature of the exact worth to bring warm clothes. Walking to monasteries, lakes – Ladoga and Onega, Kivach waterfall, the Solovetsky Islands (north). You can rent a car and go around the country to enjoy the greater number of local wonders.

Where to stay: Hotels, removable homes and sanatoria welcome guests throughout the year. It is best not to stay in one place for a long time, and to travel around the area by renting a car.

Petrozavodsk airport receives not all planes, so from the far part of Russia has to fly to transfer. But one of the easiest options – it’s a plane to St. Petersburg, and then rent a car.

2. Autumn sea


Sea travel in the fall – one of the easiest options for recreation. Many resort areas continue its work in September and October, so enjoy the seas and beaches, you can even at this time of year.

Where to go: In the fall it is best to go to Yalta, because the weather is most pleasant first half of the month, and then it becomes a little cooler, but overall really encouraging – + 22 ° C, + 18 ° C, but warm clothes are better to take.

If you expect to swim in the sea, it is best to go in September, as the storm begins in October. Despite the fact that the beach season is coming to an end, in Yalta, there is something to see and besides beaches. Massandra Palace is near most Yalta, Nikita Botanical Garden which in October opens the season of chrysanthemums, as well as places with exotic animals, which can be visited with children. Where to stay: Because of the Yalta – resort area, here you will find a large number of hotels and rented houses or apartments.

Vehicles The popularity of Crimea has opened up the possibility of Russian tourists traveling within the tour, but also a free trip to Yalta by car or plane is quite easy to access.

3. Travel the past


To be full of impressions of old Russian beauty, you can go to one of Russia’s Golden Ring towns. Unforgettable unique cultures and surroundings of the past attract the attention of tourists. A swim in the textbook culture and visit the most ancient cultural location is best in the fall.

Where to go: One of the richest of its old city culture – it’s Myshkin, located not far from Yaroslavl. This city is home to only about six thousand inhabitants, but the number of attractions will delight even the most experienced traveler. This town is rightly called the city of the museum, as there you can visit places such as the Museum of boots, vodka and pilots. We can say that he Myshkin – is a huge museum. In this provincial location it may seem that you are traveling in time as you can spend time in the samobar or visit the eternal temples.

Where to stay: It’s best not to live in the heart of Myshkin, and Yaroslavl or other nearby major cities.

Vehicles From Moscow to Yaroslavl are accessible by train or car, and he Myshkin organizes bus tours, but you can also use rental cars.

4. Healing water


Cultural and wellness programs are good for those who want to combine business with pleasure and go to not only enjoy the scenery, but also to improve their health. In Russia, a lot of places have spa and mineral water, so this vacation seems to be more than feasible. Where to go: The Caucasian Mineral Waters area – a place with great climate, with almost no heat and rain coming only three days a month. In September and October to start MinKavVodah profile work on local motels and resorts in cities such as Yessentuki, Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk and Zheleznovodsk.

In addition to health programs, you can visit ancient fortresses, Lermontov areas and natural attractions such as caves and nature reserves. Around the mountains, clean air and healthy sources.

Where to stay: It is best to choose a program offered by the health center in one of the proposed cities that is most suitable for the price. Of course, you can visit the city and out of the medicinal complexes the hotel offers.

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