5 amazing stone cities

There are some amazing feats of architecture in our world that are not just beautifully built, and more … It will be a blend of architecture and nature. Your attention is a town built on cliffs and rocks.

Kastellfolli 10. De la Rocha.


Kastellfolli de la Roca is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the Catalonia region of Spain. It is built on a plateau of basalt, between two rivers. Most of the buildings seem to be at the very bottom of the cliff, creating the illusion that they can fall at any moment. The whole village extends less than a kilometer in length. The oldest part of the village was built in the Middle Ages and is made up of narrow streets. The buildings are made of volcanic rock.

1. Rocamadour.


Rocamadour – a small village, set on a rocky cliff above the ravine on the river Alzou in southwestern France. The buildings of Rocamadour rise step by step, towards the cliff. The village, which dates back to the 12th century, has been virtually invaded by the wars and the French Revolution. Today it is once again popular, and thousands of tourists come here every year.

2. Bonifacio.


Bonifacio – a city south of Corsica. The town and its fortifications extend along the cliff-top to 70 meters high. Urban Ocean cliffs washed away so the buildings on the edge of the cliff, seemed to hang over the water.

3. Acapulco.


Acapulco – the original Mexican resort town, which has taken a prominent place in history since 1950 – here fled tired of Hollywood stars and millionaires. However, it remains a popular tourist destination for many people.

4. Mesa Verde.


Messa Verde is in southwestern Colorado and is the birthplace of ancient people. It is the most significant archeological preserve of Native American culture in the United States. In the 12th century, Indian tribes began to build buildings in small caves and under the ridges of mountains along the canyon walls. By 1300, all the Indians left Mesa Verde, but the area of ​​residence remained excellent. The reason for their sudden departure remains unexplained. Theories from depletion of crops due to drought incidence, to interference with foreign tribes from the north.

5. Highlands Bandiagara.


Bandiagara plateau – sandy plateau in Mali, which rises nearly 500 meters. The cliffs are dotted with ancient cave dwelling people. They were carved into their caves so that their dead relatives could be buried high above the ground to prevent flash floods, which is common for this area.

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