Saigon at night always has a strange attraction to many people. Ignoring the noisy atmosphere during the day, Saigon night wears a strange and vibrant shirt. So, where to go to Saigon in the evening? Here are 5 places to hang out in Saigon at night that Tripi wants to recommend to you. Hope you will have fun moments in this city.

  1. Saigon entertainment place at night – Nguyen Hue Walking Street

The first place in the list of 5 places to have fun in Saigon at night is Nguyen Hue Walking Street. This is a fun place in Saigon at night to attract a lot of people because of the large and airy space. Here you will enjoy weekly duet music or music shows.

Especially, at the crossroads of Nguyen Hue – Le Loi and Nguyen Hue – Mac Thi Buoi, there will be 2 water music lakes combined with concentrated light art performance.

Note: This neighborhood is quite crowded, so when you come here you need to take the initiative to protect your property well, to avoid robbery, pickpockets.


2. Saigon entertainment place at night – Saigon Opera House

The second place in the list of 5 fun places in Saigon at night is Saigon Opera House. The theater is a French architectural work. In the evening a lot of people frequented the area around the theater to sip coffee or simply watch the theater under the night sky.

3. An entertainment place in Saigon at night – Sài Gòn Center

The 3rd place to visit in Saigon is Saigon Center. This is a commercial center complex. There is almost a full range of shopping services, food, cinema … spoiled for you to have fun.

4. Entertainment place in Saigon at night – Anh Sao Bridge

The fun place in Saigon on Wednesday night is Anh Sao Bridge. Called the Starlight Bridge because from a distance, the bridge looks like some star in the galaxy. The sides of the bridge have a constantly changing seven-color light, making the pedestrian feel like walking among thousands of bright stars in the night sky.

5. Saigon entertainment place in the evening – Saigon Garden luxurious town

Located right next to Nguyen Hue Walking Street, with the name meaning of a “Saigon garden”, right from the outside, it has attracted all who come across here with extremely unique design.

As a fun place in Saigon in the evening, it is loved by many people because the entire house is covered with trees from the ground to the top. A style completely different from the tall buildings or shops around it.

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