Are you in Hanoi and want to go somewhere on the weekend to relieve stress after a tiring week? You have learned some interesting weekend campsites near Hanoi such as Ba Vi, Tam Dao, Ham Lon Lake, … So do you know the Ham Lon camping experience or the Ham Lon Lake camping experience? If not, TRIPI.VN will share with you some Ham Lon camping experience to help you prepare the most.

Experience Ham Lon camping useful on weekends

A brief introduction to Ham Lon Lake

Ham Lon is a 462m high mountain on Doc Ton mountain range in Soc Son, Hanoi. Ham Lon Mountain is about 40 km from Hanoi to the North Thang Long – Noi Bai highway. At the foot of Ham Lon mountain is Nui Bau lake (also known as Ham Lon lake), which is very suitable for weekend camping trips. In recent years, the trend of camping Ham Lon is known and selected by many people as a destination for a picnic.

Road to Ham Pig

Turn to Ham Lon Mountain from Highway 2

From the center of Hanoi city, you drive through Thang Long Bridge to the North Thang Long – Noi Bai Highway to the intersection with Highway 2 then turn left to Vinh Phuc. Go for 7-10 km until you see this sign on the right, then turn right.

Experience Ham Lon camping – road to Ham Lon lake

Continue straight for about 6 – 7 km until you see a sign below you turn left.

Experience Ham Lon camping – Panoramic view of Ham Lon lake area

After turning left, follow the path until you reach the foot of a small slope and you will see a large lake on the right. That’s Ham Lon Lake then, you drive down the small road through the small dam and go deep down the road there will be a homestay there – This is a family that looks after the forest and manages Ham Lon camping area. You send the car and then follow the trail to the vacant lot in the middle of the lake.

Note: This homestay has most of your camping services, you can rent a tent, buy firewood, borrow a machete, rent other things for camping so if you do not want to bring a tent from Hanoi can go here to rent, the price is also very reasonable, not too expensive.

Camping Ham Lon Lake

According to the experience of Ham Lon mountain trip of many people sharing and Hamip Lake camping experience of TRIPI, Ham Lon Lake is a very interesting camping site. Ham Lon Lake consists of a part of land emerging and a beautiful lake. You can take a bath under this lake if you like, but please pay attention to safety.

Set fire to cook while camping at Ham Lon Lake

On this wide field, find a flat place and start camping, collecting firewood and setting a fire. Then prepare the tableware to grill on the fire and together prepare for a happy dinner, come and eat together, have fun by the fire.

The next morning if you have time you can go together to conquer Doc Ton mountain in about 3-4 hours offline. This will be an interesting trekking trail for those who want to try hiking.

Note when camping Ham Ham Lake:

– The camping time at Ham Lon Lake is most suitable in spring and autumn, so watch the weather before going to avoid rain.

– On this purchase food will not be there so you need to prepare all food, drinks from home and cookware offline. The mountain host has chicken and sticky rice served if you need it.

– The nights in the mountains can be cold so remember to bring a thin blanket, remember to rent insulation to underline.

– Bring medical tape, insect repellent because there may be mosquitoes at night.

– If you are climbing, should wear non-slip climbing shoes.

– When you go home, remember to clean up the trash to bring it to the people’s home thanks to the lake. Please show yourself as a conscious traveler.

Above are some Ham Pig travel experiences as well as Ham Pig camping experience that TRIPI shares. Hope to help you guys have a good weekend camping trip together. Follow TRIPI Fanpage now to find out more about 4-way travel experience!

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